Intelligent Plant Gestalt: For all industry needs

Get key information to key workers with real-time data access on laptop, tablet and smartphone.


Intelligent Plant Services: For all industry needs

Approaching problems from both engineering and IT perspectives.

Real-Time Data Applications

We can build you real-time data applications for monitoring equipment, plants and processes.

Software Integration Services

We can integrate your software systems to increase your understanding of existing data.

Alarm Management Services

We can help you put in place an EEMUA 191-compliant alarm management strategy for new and existing plants, plan and facilitate your alarm rationalisation exercises and perform comprehensive gap reporting of your systems and processes against EEMUA 191.

Mathematical Models

We can interface your existing mathematical models with real-time data or build you new models for performing data analysis.

Process Graphics

We can build you interactive process graphics, providing your operators and engineers with a clear picture of plant behaviour.

Legacy Control Systems

We can configure and support legacy control systems that are no longer supported by their own vendors.

Modbus and OPC

We can interface with, configure and troubleshoot systems and components that use the Modbus and OPC communications protocols.

OSIsoft Services

As an official OSIsoft partner, we can offer supply, implement and support OSIsoft's data collection software products to customers locally, nationally and internationally.