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Industrial App Store

For all your process needs!

Since Jan 1 2016, this is the first and only truly open and secure IIoT portal which will host applications from any vendor or developer.

Run applications in the Cloud with no need for site installation.

The Industrial App Store makes your Plant data available to the growing number of apps that are in the Industrial App Store. Big Data Apps, Analytics, Machine Learning, Downtime reduction – Equipment Fault diagnosis, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and many other problem are solved in the App Store where multiple vendors can make their capabilities available to industry.

With an App Store Connection apps connect directly to your data. No need for time-consuming uploads. Your valuable data remains securely in your site.

You don’t have to be a developer to make something useful. We have the tools to allow excel spreadsheets to be commercialised and versioned –allowing users to be safe in the knowledge that they are using the most up to date version.