Legacy Control Systems

TDC 2000

Basic Controllers and High Level Process Interface Units (HLPIUs) were part of the original DCS offering from Honeywell under the TDC 2000 brand. A few years later they were joined by MultiFunction Controllers which added considerable functionality. Originally configured and operated with Basic Operator Stations (BOS) and later Enhanced Operator Stations (EOS). Although this is early 80's technology, Intelligent Plant have the skills in house to configure tags, controllers, graphics and sequences. We have interfaced Citact SCADA directly on the hiway as an HMI and to run advanced applications.

TDC 3000

The second generation Distributed Control System from Honeywell was TDC 3000. Intelligent Plant employees were involved in the commissioning and configuration of the first TDC 3000 system deployed in Scotland, in 1989. We have extensive experience with Process Managers, PLC Gateways, Application Module programming and History Module set up.

Virtualise your obsolete control system and reclaim supportability

Control systems have a different support model from IT infrastructure used in an office environment; the software and hardware are expensive and specific, the expertise base is small and dwindling, and yet the systems are critical to process operations. For these reasons, many control systems lag behind current levels, and over time become harder and harder to support. Many that are still in operation run on Windows NT or 2000 and use impossible to replace PCI and I/O interfaces. The solution of the original vendor will be that replacement hardware will need the latest software to run, which may require rebuilding of bespoke graphics and applications, but will certainly cost significant amounts of time and money, will carry substantial amounts of risks, and will require extensive plant down time. Virtualisation is the solution – images of obsolete machines can be created that will run on new hardware at little cost and with little disruption. Contact us to find out more.

Modbus and OPC

Key to all control systems are communication links to Vendor Packages; Compressors, Turbines, Subsea Systems, Metering etc. We have configured and performed troubleshooting on many connections using the Modbus and OPC protocols.

Intelligent Plant Database

DCS and SCADA systems can have multiple configuration files in different formats that are very difficult to visualise or verify. We have developed an application to import these diverse files and display them in an interactive and intuitive way. Data sets can also be created and exported to excel or csv. This could be used to create the initial database for an Alarm Rationalisation project, for example.


Alarm Analysis

With our extensive experience commissioning systems we fundamentally understand of control room operations. Combined with our systems knowledge we have created Alarm Analyses of unrivalled detail and utility. A small demonstration is available on this website, but get in touch to see our full capabilities.