Mathematical Models

Real-Time Data Integration

We have experience of integrating 3rd party modelling packages such as Hysys and IFM with real-time data applications, delivering a seamless solution that can take advantage of your existing models.

Equipment Performance

Using instrument data and engineering calculations, we can highlight where a piece of equipment is no longer performing as it should and alert the appropriate people (e.g. via e-mail, SMS or Microsoft Lync). Combined with process graphics, we can provide you with full monitoring and analysis capabilities for your equipment.

Consider a scenario in which you wish to monitor a tank: using only the level instrument it is possible to derive the flow from the tank over time, identifying when the tank was in use or was being refilled. By applying a model to the data allows greater value to be extracted from the instrument e.g. by calculating the total product usage associated with the tank.

Overall Asset Performance

Whether monitoring quality of product or volume, we can deliver KPIs and displays that allow your engineers to see exactly what is happening on the plant.