OSIsoft Services

In 2013, we established a partnership agreement with OSIsoft, enabling us to configure and support OSIsoft's suite of software products to local, national and international customers.

As an authorised OSIsoft partner, we engage with our customers to offer a full implementation service. Our trained IT team can seamlessly integrate the software into your existing environment. We also offer a post-installation support service.

A fast, robust and scalable data collection process has little value without the ability to analyse and visualise that information. We can assist you with the deployment of a number of OSIsoft client tools.

PI DataLink


PI DataLink is an Excel add-in that allows engineers to search for and import data from PI into Excel, providing engineers with a familiar environment and allowing focus on the analysis of data rather than the collection and organisation of it.

PI ProcessBook


ProcessBook is an easy-to-use graphical display interface for the PI system. Users can build graphical representations of the plant, including real-time data and trends. ProcessBook displays can be easily shared between your engineering team and, using the available Visual Basic interface, can be extended to perform complex calculations.

PI Notifications

PI Notifications allow engineers to automatically monitor for critical events and receive notifications via alarms, email and SMS. We can assist in configuring the system so that engineers can capture thoughts and explanations against alert notifications. This provides valuable information that can be used for auditing, analysis and problem solving.

PI Coresight


PI Coresight is an intuitive, web-based tool that securely accesses your PI system to give you new and flexible ways of interacting with your data. We can integrate this product with your existing environment to help you quickly and easily analyse your data on an enterprise-wide level.

PI WebParts


PI WebParts are a collection of WebPart components for Microsoft SharePoint. We can work with you to integrate these with your existing SharePoint infrastructure enable web-based data visualisation and analysis.

All of these tools described above could be used by your engineers to assist in making informed decisions to increase uptime, reduce bottlenecks and improve plant efficiency. We can help you to historise, find, analyse and visualise your data using the PI suite of products.