About Intelligent Plant

Formed in 2006, Intelligent Plant Limited is an award winning UK based ISO 9001 registered software engineering company, focused on providing innovative services and value adding solutions to a broad range of industries and research facilities.

The company’s growing technical team consists of experienced engineers and computer scientists who together provide innovative and tailored solutions to their global client base.

We are best known for providing the world's first and only truly open and secure IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) portal known as the Industrial App Store®. The Industrial App Store ® enables the secure remote performance monitoring of equipment and processes through the analysis and visualisation of real-time data, and in the management and interpretation of process alarm data.

We don’t just provide the Industrial App Store®, we provide a whole range of products and services to allow other stakeholders to use the platform efficiently too as part of their business delivery model.

Our company culture was built on the following core principles:


We are committed to setting and achieving the highest possible standards of quality in everything we do. We aim to be a globally recognised and trusted partner so are always open to improvement suggestions and seek to never let you down. Obtaining and maintaining ISO9001 accreditation is a given we achieved many years ago. At Intelligent Plant we aim to go further and help redefine client expectations in terms of the reliability and functionality of everything we release. If at any time you feel we have fallen short of your high expectations then we want to hear from you immediately and will do our best to rectify the situation and improve our workflows so that it never happens again.


We pride ourselves in being open and honest in everything we do. We do not make false claims and seek to build long lasting win-win relationships. Our honest business practices build the foundations of trust with colleagues, competitors, staff, clients and all other stakeholders. When negotiating with a client we would rather turn down a potential contract than give false promises. We will hold back a new product before launching it on the market until we are completely satisfied with it, even if that means losing some of the profit. Honesty is also deeply reflected in the relationship between the company and its employees. Each and every person is treated like a family member. Personal and domestic problems are listen to and are supported with fairness and understanding.

Collaborative Integrity

Doing the right thing when no-one is watching matters to us. Integrity is core to the way we conduct our relationships with all our stakeholders both internally and externally. This commitment helps new team members to rapidly establish trust and enables all stakeholders to be more open and collaborative. Within each team this openness encourages people to express their views and opinions more freely. The independence created this way results in better creativity and helps employees within all stakeholders take real ownership or the shared challenges and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Furthermore it makes them proud of their work and makes them feel closely connected to the collective success of the project to hand and our business as a whole.


At Intelligent Plant simplicity is seen as something that has been stripped from all the nonessentials and nice to haves. In other words it is something that has been relieved of all unnecessary cost and complexity. It incorporates the principle of Lean and the concept of Flow. As a result it allows available resources to focus on and optimise the most important value added tasks only. To achieve simplicity we believe you need honesty, as dishonesty sprouts complexity - added “features” you’ll never use.


We believe everyone is equal and should be treated fairly. We are an equal opportunities employer. We strive to ensure that we make a positive contribution to society, further the development of technology and put something back to help new entrants and help protect the environment. We will not seek profit ahead of doing the right thing. We care.

Intelligent Plant has been collaborating with Engineering and Computer Science personnel at the University of Nottingham on a number of research projects and plan to support teaching activities in the future via student placements. They have also been meeting with PhD students to demonstrate and discuss how industrial apps can be developed and presented at career events. This has been fantastic for the students by giving them an insight to the different careers available for graduates and the changing skill requirements of industry. Intelligent Plant are also an industrial partner on the Allergen Enhanced Factory Cleaning and RoboClean projects. Their experience and expertise in analysing and visualising manufacturing data from a number of manufacturing sectors has been invaluable in assisting the University’s research team in the development of new data driven technologies to improve factory cleaning.

Computing Science and Engineering, University of Nottingham